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Welcome message from Professor Yenn-Ru Chen, Associate Dean for International Affairs

Welcome to the Global Immersion in Asia Summer Program at National Chengchi University, Taiwan. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey where cutting-edge technology converges with a rich cultural tapestry. From May 20th to 31st, 2024, join us for an intensive exploration of Asian business dynamics and cultural innovation. Our program offers a multi-disciplinary curriculum led by esteemed faculty and industry experts. Engage in courses such as Leadership and Teams, Taiwan’s Economies in a Global View, Accounting, Investment Management in the Age of Big Data, Curating Digital Contents through Cultural Technology, and New Product Design & Creativity. Embrace this opportunity to gain insights and practical applications while experiencing the vibrant blend of technology and culture in Asia.

About the Program

Asia is one of the world’s largest regional economies and has the potential to fuel and shape the next phase of globalization. The advancement of technology and the advent of the digital age have further highlighted the importance of the Asian economy.

In light of Asia’s critical role in international business, this program aims to equip students with the realization of the changes in the Asian economic environment. Students will visit a company and have conversations with senior executives of this company. Students will understand how companies can use social media in the digital age to enhance their value of products/services, display their creativity and entrepreneurship, and, in turn, improve the company’s global competitiveness.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this program, students will develop the written and oral communication skills necessary for success in their business careers, develop basic technological skills to prepare them for their business careers, acquire a global perspective of the modern business environment, and acquire the basic business knowledge necessary for success in their business careers.

Program Features

  • Immersive Learning Experience
  • Focus on Asian Business Dynamics
  • Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum
  • Distinguished Faculty and Industry Collaboration
  • Assessment and Practical Application

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Ms. Jean Cheng

Program Manager

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Room 408, Yi Xian Building

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